For The Love Of Friends

For The Love Of Friends -AiLL Review

*I received an Advanced Readers Copy of ‘For The Love Of Friends‘ from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review!*


For The Love Of Friends by Sara Goodman Confino
Release Date- August 1st, 2021
Genre- Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Summary- Lily Weiss is 32, single, and working a PR job at a science foundation. Not exactly the writing job and life she imagined she’d have as an adult. While her mother might be horrified about the lack of marriage prospects life is actually not that bad.

Then all at once her 3 best friends AND two younger siblings all get engaged. Which means being a bridesmaid in 5 weddings in 6 weeks. Oh no.

In order to stay sane, and try to make some extra money(being a bridesmaid is expensive!), Lily starts a blog. Bridesmania is anonymous, just a place to vent over dress try-ons, crazy moms, bachelorette parties etc. But what goes on the internet doesn’t stay secret for long.

My Spoiler-Free Review:

For The Love Of Friends is a hilarious tale of an overwhelming, if not nightmare, scenario, that you would absolutely take on for your friends and family. Finding yourself in 5 weddings over 6 weeks feels like a situation you try to get out of, but Sara Goodman Confino does such an incredible job of timing and storytelling that I found myself completely understanding how Lily ended up in the position, and why she would take it all on.

Wedding and romance lovers are going to ADORE this book. With five weddings you hit just about every trope possible but it all feels fun(maybe not the word Lily would use!) and nothing ever feels rushed or shoehorned it. There’s even bullet journals to try to keep every single event organized. Imagine trying to keep 5 weddings worth of dress try-on’s, wedding showers, budgets, and everything else straight!

But for wedding cynics- don’t go running just yet. I’m the kind of person who never dreamed of weddings as a kid. I thought about it once for like a minute, decided someday if I got married I would elope, and that was that. I still had a blast with this book! Lily isn’t exactly a lover of all things wedding herself. A lot of the blog posts talking about her experiences had me in hysterics over the drama of everything that goes on in making a wedding happen.

There’s even an adorable romance side plot that had some of the cutest and funniest moments of the whole story.

A lot of books that involve blogs or social media can feel shallow when they glossing over any content actually being made. So the use of actually including blog posts and emails from Bride A😉 were a perfect addition. I really loved those parts.

Stories like this can definitely run the risk of feeling predictable. The summary alone made you guess where it was headed immediately, right? But the writing is so good and the author does a great job with the story. I didn’t find myself rushing ahead or feeling bored at all. I laughed from beginning to end and never stopped being highly entertained.

Definitely keep an eye out for For The Love Of Friends August 2021!

Happy Reading!!


For The Love of Friends Review

For The Love Of Friends

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