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Lady In The Lake Adaptation (2024): Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting New Series

The Lady In The Lake adaptation, based on the book by Laura Lippman has all the right pieces in place to be a big hit for Apple. With a big name cast and the backing of the streaming service known for quality over quantity, this thriller should be on the radar for all the mystery fans out there.
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About The Book:

In 1966, Baltimore is a city of secrets that everyone seems to know–everyone, that is, except Madeline “Maddie” Schwartz. Last year, she was a happy, even pampered housewife. This year, she’s bolted from her marriage of almost twenty years, determined to make good on her youthful ambitions to live a passionate, meaningful life. Maddie wants to matter, to leave her mark on a swiftly changing world. Drawing on her own secrets, she helps Baltimore police find a murdered girl–assistance that leads to a job at the city’s afternoon newspaper, the Star.
Working at the newspaper offers Maddie the opportunity to make her name, and she has found just the story to do it: a missing woman whose body was discovered in the fountain of a city park lake. Cleo Sherwood was a young African-American woman who liked to have a good time. No one seems to know or care why she was killed except Maddie–and the dead woman herself. Maddie’s going to find the truth about Cleo’s life and death. Cleo’s ghost, privy to Maddie’s poking and prying, wants to be left alone. Maddie’s investigation brings her into contact with people that used to be on the periphery of her life–a jewelery store clerk, a waitress, a rising star on the Baltimore Orioles, a patrol cop, a hardened female reporter, a lonely man in a movie theater.
But for all her ambition and drive, Maddie often fails to see the people right in front of her. Her inability to look beyond her own needs will lead to tragedy and turmoil for all sorts of people–including the man who shares her bed, a black police officer who cares for Maddie more than she knows.’ // Amazon // Audiobook

Current Production Status:

The miniseries is in post-production as of Fall 2022. Apple has announced that series will be released in July 2024.

Lady In The Lake Adaptation Timeline:

The book was first released by Laura Lippman in July 2019.
Apple gave a greenlight for a miniseries Lady In The Lake adaptation in March 2021 with Natalie Portman and Lupita Nyong’o attached.
The rest of the cast was announced from April-July 2022. Lupita Nyong’o left the project in May and Moses Ingram was cast to replace her in June.
Filming began in Spring 2022 but was temporarily paused in August when production received threats of violence. After a police investigation it was found that the threats were unsubstantiated and production resumed.
Filming then wrapped at the end of October 2022 and the project moved into post-production.
While Natalie Portman was doing press for a different film at Cannes 2023, it was confirmed that the Lady In The Lake adaptation would be released by the end of the year.
The SAG-AFTRA strike pushed the release back to early 2024 although no exact date has been given yet. At the beginning of 2024 Apple confirmed the series would be this year.
A release date of July 19th was announced in May.

Who Owns The Rights:

Natalie Portman’s production company MountainA has a first look deal with Apple. Bad Wolf and Fifth Season are also producing.
Apple is handling distribution with release on it’s streaming service.

Who Is Attached:

Natalie Portman, Moses Ingram, David Corenswet, Byron Bowers, and Bianca Berry Tarantino have all joined the cast.

Filming Locations:

Filming for the series occurred in various locations about Baltimore, Maryland in 2022.

Estimated Release:

Apple has confirmed that the series is scheduled for release staring July 19th, 2024.


Previous mentions on AiLL:

This book has not been mentioned on Alison in Libraryland before.

Other Adaptations From This Author:

Laura Lippman’s novel ‘Every Secret Thing’ was adapted into a feature film released in 2015 starring Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks, and Dakota Fanning.
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lady in the lake adaptation

Lady In The Lake Adaptation (2023): Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting New Series

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