March 2021 New Book Releases

March 2021 New Book Releases

Time for some March 2021 New Book Releases!😀 March is always a big month for releases. It’s like even though the new year has started already the beginning of Spring is when everything comes alive again. Releases of all kinds of entertainment follows right along. This March is following right along with some BIG releases which is great because we’re all still stuck inside for a while longer.

Most noticeably we’re starting the month of right away with a new Stephen King, and then finishing it up with a very hotly anticipated Lisa Scottoline WW2 historical fiction novel. There’s also astronauts, robots, poison, broken hearts,an 83 year-old-shoplifter and much more. Trust me, you’ll find something for everyone this month!

And if you don’t want to wait for these to be released be sure to check out the  January and February releases.


March 2021 New Book Releases

March 2nd


by Stephen King // Kindle  // Audiobook
Jamie just wants a normal life, one his single mom is struggling to try to give to him which includes urging him to not keep his ‘ability’ a secret. Jamie can see what no one else can see and learn what no one else can learn. But when an NYPD detective tries to draw him in to help with a case beyond the grave Jamie learns it all comes at a cost.
For Fans Of: Horror, Crime Thriller

The Restoration of Celia Fairchild

by Marie Bostwick // Kindle // Audiobook
Celia Fairchild is an advice columnist with the answers to everyone else’s problems…the end of her marriage proves that maybe she doesn’t have the answers to her own. A ‘dear birthmother’ letter gives her hope that her dream of having a family might not be over but her chance to adopt takes a hit when she loses her job. Celia’s one last shot is fixing up the old house her Aunt left her and using that money to fix her own life. Renovating the house won’t be easy but it might just be what she needs to knit together the truth of her own estranged family and restore herself too.
For Fans Of: Evvie Drake Starts Over, The Friday Night Knitting Club

Who is Maud Dixon?

by Alexandra Andrews // Kindle // Audiobook
Florence Darrow is certain that she is meant to be a famous writer, and when the chance to become the assistant to the anonymous but accomplished ‘Maud Dixon’ she thinks she finally has her shot. Everything is going great, Helen is a bit prickly but she’s full of wisdom and even offers to bring Florence along on a research trip to Morocco. When Florence wakes up from an accident and Helen is dead she begins to imagine sliding into Helen’s life and that bestselling pseudonym ‘Maud Dixon’.
For Fans Of: Patricia Highsmith, Gillian Flynn

Good Eggs

by Rebecca Hardiman // Kindle // Audiobook
Kevin Gogarty has enough going on already trying to take care of his teenage daughter, who’s befriended the campus rebel at her boarding school, and his wife who is always traveling to the newest exotic place for work. When his 83 year old mother is caught shoplifting, again, he knows he has to hire a caretaker. At first Sylvie is their saving grace and the perfect home aide. Until she sends the Gogarty family into their biggest problem yet.
For Fans Of: Where’d You Go, Bernadette, Evvie Drake Starts Over

The Lost Apothecary

by Sarah Penner // Kindle // Audiobook
There are two rules-1. The poison must never be used to harm another woman. 2. The names of the murderer and the victim must be recorded. It’s 1791 and Nella, once a healer, now uses her knowledge to create poisons for desperate women to free themselves of the men in their lives. When 12 year old Eliza comes along Nella’s world is put in danger. Along with all the women that wrote their names in her register. Present day historian Caroline is spending her wedding anniversary alone when she stumbles upon a vial and potentially a link to the unsolved ‘apothecary murders’ from 200 years earlier.
For Fans Of: Magical Realism, Historical Mystery


by S.B. Divya // Kindle // Audiobook
In the future people don’t usually die from violence. But they do rely on pills to keep them alive and competitive with an AI heavy economy. Welga is a bodyguard about to retire when his client is murdered in front of her. The Machinehood is a new threat, one that’s seemingly part human and part machine. They’ve got the world filled with enough terror to demand that pill production be shut down. Welga is determined to avenge her client. When the government pulls her back in to help take down the Machinehood she’s forced to work with a group that’s already betrayed her once.
For Fans Of: Artificial Intelligence, Future Sci-Fi

Every Last Fear

by Alex Finlay // Kindle // Audiobook
Matt Pine returns to his dorm room one night to devastating news, his parents and younger siblings were all killed in an accident on a trip to Mexico. It’s not the first time his life has fallen apart though, his older brother is currently in prison for the murder of his teenage girlfriend. A true crime documentary was made suggesting his innocence. But Matt saw something that has made him not sure all these years. As Matt goes home to bury his family he’s met with a community still angry about the documentary. And the possibility that his family’s accident was actually connected to it all.
For Fans Of: Psychology Thriller, True Crime

In the Quick

by Kate Hope Day // Kindle // Audiobook
June is a prodigy whisked off to a grueling astronaut training program. She eventually gains a spot as an engineer on a space station but has never stopped being haunted by her missing uncle. His spaceship disappeared when June was 12 and while the rest of the world moved on, she never stopped believing they were out there alive. She tracks down her uncles former protegee, James. Together James and June try to figure the fatal flaw of what went wrong but a developing love could destroy everything they’ve worked on, including brining her uncle home.
For Fans Of: Station Eleven, The Martian

March 2021 New Book Releases

March 9th

The Girls Are All So Nice Here

by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn // Kindle // Audiobook
Ambrosia has changed a lot in the decade since college. When she gets the invitaion to her ten-year reunion she has no interest, except for the note attached “We need to talk about what we did that night.” Ambrosia was best friends with Sully, who could make anyone do anything. At the reunion it becomes clear that someone wants revenger for the games they played and the lives they ruined.
For Fans Of: Psychological Thriller, Revenge tropes

Everything After

by Jill Santopolo // Kindle // Audiobook
Fifteen years ago Emily lost her passions: music, and Rob. Now she’s a psychologist with a doctor husband and a great life. But when a tragic event mirrors her past a little too closely she’s force to face parts of her story she thought were buried. And when a song on the radio features a hauntingly familiar voice singing about the one who got away, Emily will have to ask if her past passions are truly gone.
For Fans Of: Daisy Jones and the Six, The Light We Lost

Her Dark Lies

by J.T. Ellison // Kindle // Audiobook
Claire is an artist who is finally marrying the man of her dreams. They head off to the Italian coast for the picture perfect wedding with all their friends and family. But as soon as they get there things seem off. It starts with a discovery of skeletal remains, then there are menacing texts and a ruined dress. Maybe the mystery of her soon-to-be husband’s first wife isn’t quite over yet.
For Fans Of: Allison Brennan, Lisa Gardner

March 2021 New Book Releases

March 16th

The Dating Plan

by Sara Desai // Kindle // Audiobook
Daisy is a software engineer who understands lists better than boyfriends. Liam is a venture capitalist, best friends with Daisy’s older brother, and has an inheritance contingent on being married. When Daisy approaches him to be her fake fiancé to try to make her family happy it seems like the perfect plan to fix both of their problems.
For Fans Of: The Marriage Game, Fake Dating Tropes

March 2021 New Book Releases

March 23rd


by Lisa Scottoline // Kindle // Audiobook
Elisabetta dreams of being a novelist, Marco is the athletic son of professions cyclists, and Sandro is a kind-hearted Jewish math prodigy. Both Sandro and Marco want to win Elisabetta’s heart, and that seems like their biggest problem in the world until Mussolini aligns Italy with the Nazi’s and World War 2 breaks out. The fates of the threesome and their families are intertwined and will be decided by this heartbreaking backdrop of the world at war.
For Fans Of: Kristin Hannah, Historical Fiction

The Ladies of the Secret Circus

by Constance Sayers
My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I received an Advanced Readers Copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways. See my review here! // Kindle // Audiobook
Paris, 1925. The Secret Circus is full of wonder but each daring feat comes at a cost. It’s the only world Cecile knows since her family is bound to it, but when she meets a painter their affair could cost everything.
Virginia, 2005. Lara has it all until her fiancé disappears on their wedding day. Desperate for answers she uncovers her great-grandmother’s journals which sweeps her into a story of a dark circus and generational curse that is still claiming payment from her family.
For Fans Of: Louisa Morgan, Alix E. Harrow

The Vietri Project

by Nicola DeRobertis-Theye // Kindle // Audiobook
Gabriele has been working at a bookstore in Berkeley since college. The most interesting part of her job are the increasingly mysterious and intriguing orders of Vietri, a customer from Rome. Feeling restless and stuck, Gabriele quits her job and moves to Rome hoping to locate Vietri. Unable to find him she embarks on a journey uncovering the secrets of his past and somehow bringing her closer to finally dealing with the complications of her own history.
For Fans Of: Lily King, Elif Batuman

Remember: The Science of Memory and the Art of Forgetting

by Lisa Genova // Kindle // Audiobook
An exploration in all things memories, forgetting, and how to protect those intricacies that keep our minds going. Harvard-trained neuroscientist Lisa Genova dives in to how memories are made and retrieved, what’s normal forgetting and when it changes to problems like Alzheimer’s, and how memory in impacted by everything.
For Fans Of: Still Alice, Scientific Non-Fiction

Every Vow You Break

by Peter Swanson // Kindle // Audiobook
Abigail never thought she’d marry a millionaire but here she is. A drunken one-night-stand during her bachelorette part was a mistake but it just makes her sure she wants to spend the rest of her life with Bruce. The the unnamed stranger from that night appears convinced they are meant to be together and he’s tracked her down to prove it. Does Abigail risk ruining her honeymoon or can she handle this stalker on her own…but things get worse and soon she’s seeing things that no one else at the resort believes, including her perfect new husband.
For Fans Of: Gone Girl, Fatal Attraction

March 2021 New Book Releases

March 30th


North by Shakespeare: A Rogue Scholar’s Quest for the Truth Behind the Bard’s Work

by Michael Blanding // Kindle // Audiobook
It has long been a question with seemingly numerous answers: did William Shakespeare really write all the plays he’s been credited with? Author Michael Blanding decided to tackle it himself and comes to a new conclusion, Shakespeare wrote the plays. But, they’re adapted from the life and stories of a man from decades before Shakespeare’s time.
For Fans Of: Shakespeare, Historical Non-Fiction

Happy Reading!!

March 2021 New Book Releases

March 2021 New Book Releases

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