Ready Player Two Adaptation

Ready Player Two Adaptation: Everything We Know So Far About The New Movie

While the first book held the top of the charts for weeks, the Ready Player Two adaptation doesn’t have as high of expectations thanks to mixed reviews. Ready Player One became a subject of mockery and a film with mixed reviews, which transferred over into effecting the interest in a new book and movie.
It took some time for the second book to be written, mostly inspired by diving back into the world as the first movie was being made, but it looks like the adaptation for the second book will also take even longer.
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About The Book:

Days after winning Oasis founder James Halliday’s contest, Wade Watts makes a discovery that changes everything. Hidden within Halliday’s vaults, waiting for his heir to find, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the Oasis a thousand times more wondrous—and addictive—than even Wade dreamed possible.
With it comes a new riddle, and a new quest—a last Easter egg from Halliday, hinting at a mysterious prize. And an unexpected, impossibly powerful, and dangerous new rival awaits, one who’ll kill millions to get what he wants.
Wade’s life and the future of the Oasis are again at stake, but this time the fate of humanity also hangs in the balance. // Amazon // Audiobook

Current Production Status:

As of December 2020 movie is in the very early stages of development.

Ready Player Two Adaptation Timeline:

The book was first published in November 2020. Author Ernest Cline has said the inspiration for the book came from working on the adaptation of Ready Player One. In December 2020 it was confirmed that a movie was in the early stages of development.

Who Owns The Rights:

Warner Bros. currently has the film rights to the series.

Who Is Attached:

Olivia Cooke, who was in the first movie, has said that she has a contract should the Ready Player Two adaptation happen.

Filming Locations:

Because this project is still in the early stages of development there are no filming locations.

Estimated Release:

Because this project is still in the early stages of development there is no estimated release.
Ready Player Two adaptation

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Other Adaptations From This Author:

‘Ready Player One’ the first book in the series was made into a feature film directed by Steven Spielberg.
‘Armada’ has had it’s film rights purchased but has been stuck in early development for years.

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Ready Player Two Adaptation

Ready Player Two Adaptation: Everything We Know So Far

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