September 2021 New Book Releases

September 2021 New Book Releases

We’ve got witches, we’ve got Santa’s- September means the holiday season books are HERE!

Liane Moriarty, Nicholas Sparks, T.J. Clune, and Mary Kay Andrews all with new releases means this month is a big one. There’s no shortage of exciting new reads as the weather transitions back to Fall, and back to the indoors.

And as always if you don’t feel like waiting for these books to be released, check out previous 2021 releases!

September 2021 New Book Releases

September 1st

Life, Unscheduled

by Kristin Rockaway // Kindle // Audiobook
Nicole loves her job, which is good because she’s at her desk from sunrise to sunset every day. It’s totally fine that there’s no time for a social life, at least until her best friend asks her to be her maid of honor. The only solution for Nicole to make it all work- schedule out the next six months from due dates to dress fittings to how much sleep she can fit in. But when she meets Brandon, an emerging restaurateur, he makes her feel things that she hasn’t felt ever. Falling in love isn’t in the schedule.
For Fans Of: Contemporary Rom-Com, Rachel Lynn Solomon

September 7th

Beautiful World, Where Are You

by Sally Rooney // Kindle // Audiobook
Alice is off to Rome, and when she meets Felix she invites him along. Back in Dublin her best friend is getting over a breakup and falls back into the routine of flirting with Simon who she’s known since childhood. The four of them are young enough but know life is quickly catching up to them. They get together, they break apart. They desire each other, and they delude each other.
For Fans Of: Normal People, Emma Straub

The Charm Offensive

by Alison Cochrun // Kindle // Audiobook
Dev is the most successful producer of the hit dating show Ever After, probably because he’s always believed in fairy tales. His own love life may crash and burn but he knows how to script the perfect love story for his contestants. Then Charlie comes along, a disgraced tech star only there to try to fix his damaged image. He doesn’t believe in love, awkward and anxious with all the women. But as Dev gets to know him, and gets him to open up, they might have to flip the script of whose love story is being told.
For Fans Of: Red, White & Royal Blue, LGBTQ+ Contemporary Fiction

Never Saw Me Coming

by Vera Kurian // Kindle // Audiobook
Chloe is an honors student freshman. She enjoys yoga, frat parties, and plotting to kill a childhood friend who wronged her. Oh, she also happens to be a psychopath. She’s one of 7 students at her school taking part in a clinical study about psychopaths, including wearing a smart watch to track their moods and movements. Except one of the students is found murdered and Chloe finds herself going from hunter to prey trying to figure out who she can trust. Everyone knows you can never trust a psychopath.
For Fans Of: Psychological Thrillers, Alex Michaelides

Fault Lines

by Emily Itami // Kindle // Audiobook
Mizuki has the perfect Japanese housewife life-a successful husband, two great children, a beautiful Tokyo apartment. So why does the thought of another evening of chores and not talking to her husband make her want to throw herself off of the high-rise balcony. Then one night she meets Kiyoshi, a restaurateur, who helps her rediscover joy and freedom in the city she’s always loved. Soon Mizuki finds herself living two lives but in the end, we can only choose one.
For Fans Of: Sally Rooney, Japanese Cultural Fiction

Rock Paper Scissors

by Alice Feeney // Kindle // Audiobook
When they win a weekend away in Scotland Adam and Amelia Wright hope it will be what their marriage needs, because things have been wrong for a long time. Adam is a workaholic with face blindness, he can’t recognize anyone, including his wife. Every anniversay they exchange the traditional gifts, and Amelia writes a letter that he’s never allowed to read. Until now. They know this weekend will make or break their marriage, they don’t know that this trip was a set up. One of them is lying and someone out there doesn’t want them to have a happy ever after.
For Fans Of: Mystery Thrillers, Ruth Ware

Nice Girls

by Catherine Dang // Kindle // Audiobook
Growing up Mary was chubby and awkward but a scholarship to an Ivy League school was her ticket out. Kicked out her senior year, for reasons she won’t tell anyone, Mary is back in her hometown but this version of her is thinner, cynical, and a restless failure. The disappearance of Olivia, a beautiful rising social media star, causes the whole town to become obsessed. They haven’t spoken in years but back in childhood Mary and Oliva were best friends. Which means Mary knows that behind the smile was a manipulative girl the rest of the world never knew. And there’s another missing person getting less attention, a 19 year old girl that Mary is sure is connected to the whole thing.
For Fans Of: Suspense, Jessica Knoll

September 2021 New Book Releases

September 14th

Apples Never Fall

by Liane Moriarty // Kindle // Audiobook
The Delaneys are the envy of the community. Parents Stan & Joy have been married 50 years and their chemistry is still going. They recently sold their famed tennis academy, the one all 4 of their children were stars at. Then one night a stranger shows up at their door bleeding after a fight, and the Delaneys are happy to help. Except later Joy goes missing, the stranger is nowhere to be found, and Stan is left with seemingly a lot to hide for someone claiming to be innocent. Two children think their father is innocent, the other two not so much which leads to the biggest match of their lives.
For Fans Of: Mystery Thriller, Jane Harper

Harlem Shuffle

by Colson Whitehead // Kindle // Audiobook
Ray Carney is an upstanding salesman in Harlem with a wife and second child on the way. But cash is tight and his cousin Freddie followed the family business of shady deals so when a ring or necklace gets dropped off Ray doesn’t ask where it came from and the jeweler he knows doesn’t ask any questions either. When Freddie involves Ray in a heist gone wrong Ray is left with a new assortment of Harlem lowlife clientele and a new double life.
For Fans Of: Literary Fiction, African American Culture

The Love Hypothesis

by Ali Hazelwood // Kindle // Audiobook
Olive is a Ph.D. candidate that doesn’t believe in lasting relationships. Unfortunately her best friend, Anh, does. Trying to convince her that Olive is dating and happy she does what any self-respecting scientist would do, panic and kiss the first man she sees. Adam is a hot-shot with a reputation of being an ass, so it’s a surprise when he agrees to go along with it and be Olive’s fake boyfriend. Then a conference goes haywire and Olive’s career is put on the burner. Leading to the bigger surprise of Adam’s unyielding support, and unyielding six-pack abs.
For Fans Of: New Adult Rom-Com, Fake Dating Trope

The Missing Hours

by Julia Dahl // Kindle // Audiobook
Claudia has it all-a famous family, large trust fund, thousands of social media followers, and a spot in NYU. Behind the scenes things are a bit messier with a sleazy humiliating documentary, parents separating, and a pregnant sister with a questionably baby daddy. Claudia starts the school year determined to find a path towards something positive but one drunken night changes everything. With her memory hazy she cuts herself off from her family and falls in with new friends. Everyone comes back from spring break to find Claudia missing and soon the entire city is trying to piece together what happened that terrible night.
For Fans Of: New Adult Thriller, Megan Abbott

September 21st

Under the Whispering Door

by T.J. Klune // Kindle // Audiobook
Wallace doesn’t really believe he’s dead until a reaper shows up to his funeral. Instead of heading to the afterlife thought the reaper takes him to a small town where the tea shop owner, Hugo, is also the one who ferries souls ready to cross over. Wallace doesn’t want to leave the life he barely lived and Hugo can help him learn about all those things he missed. But when the Manager comes to town and Wallace is officially given 7 days to cross over he’ll have to figure out how to live an entire life in just one week.
For Fans Of: LGBTQ+ Contemporary Fiction, Paranormal Fantasy

This Is Why We Lie

by Gabriella Lepore // Kindle // Audiobook
Jenna and Adam find a body floating off the shore of their home town and it shakes the community because it’s clear the drowning wasn’t an accident. When Jenna’s best friend becomes a suspect she decides to try to uncover the answers by herself. And when that leads from her Prep School over to Adam’s reform school she needs to get Adam on her side.
For Fans Of: YA Thrillers, Pretty Little Liars

September 2021 New Book Releases

September 28th

The Wish

by Nicholas Sparks // Kindle // Audiobook
1996-When Maggie was 16 she was sent away to live with an aunt she barely new in a remote village on North Carolina’s outer banks. There she meets Bryce who shows her how to love her new home and introduces her to the passion that will define her whole life.
2019-Maggie is a world renowned travel photographer splitting time between a gallery in New York and shooting remote locations around the world. But when she gets grounded during the holidays by a medical diagnosis she becomes more dependent than ever on her assistant. That bond leads her to open up and finally tell the story of a previous Christmas where love set her life on a course she never imagined.
For Fans Of: New Adult Romance, Jojo Moyes

The Santa Suit

by Mary Kay Andrews // Kindle // Audiobook
Ivy is recently divorced and in need of a change so she buys an old farmhouse sight unseen. It’s a labor of love, heavy on the labor with the amount of junk the previous family left behind. At the top of a closet Ivy finds a beautifully old Santa suit with a note in the pocket. The childish handwriting is from a little girl with one wish, for her father to return home from the war. Ivy sets off on a mission to find out if her dream came true and along the way she’s brought into her new community. All she had wanted was to nurse her broken heart alone but the magic of Christmas miracles might just help her find more than she ever believed possible.
For Fans Of: Holiday Chick Lit, Jodi Picoult

The Last Graduate (The Scholomance #2)

by Naomi Novik // Kindle // Audiobook
Graduation is coming up for the students in their final year at the Scholomance. A deadly ritual that few survive is what lays ahead and El is determined that her chosen group will all make it through. But as the savagery of the school intenisfies that’s looking less and less likely. Sometimes winning means throwing out the rules.
For Fans Of: YA Fantasy, Leigh Bardugo

Eight Perfect Hours

by Lia Louis // Kindle // Audiobook
Noelle is driving back home from an event when a blizzard hits and she finds herself stranded alone in her car. It seems hopeless with no food, drink, or phone charger until a handsome stranger knocks on her window and offers help. Together they have eight perfect hours until morning comes and the roads clear. When they leave they assume they’ll never see each other again but when they keep bumping into each other it starts to feel a lot less like coincidence and more like serendipity.
For Fans Of: Holiday Chick Lit, Christina Lauren

The Ex Hex

by Erin Sterling // Kindle // Audiobook
Nine years ago Vivienne dealt with her breakup like any witch would- vodka, sad music, and a curse on her ex. Sure she’s not supposed to but what harm can a silly hex do other than a bad hair day or two. When Rhys, a descendant of the town’s founders, shows up to do some quick recharging of Graves Glen, things start to go disastrously wrong. And when the town finds itself under attack from a talking cat, a pissed off ghost, and a murderous wind-up toy Vivienne and Rhys need to team up to break the break up curse before it’s too late.
For Fans Of: Magical Contemporary Romance, Meg Cabot

Happy Reading!!

September 2021 New Book Releases

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