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The Adaptation Watch Weekly Newsletter

Do you love seeing your favorite stories brought to life? Do you find it hard to keep track of all the latest news on what’s being adapted? And where in the production pipeline all of those projects are sitting?
Instead of stressing about updates, or completely missing the adaptation release you’ve been waiting for, we’ll do all the work for you.
AiLL is excited to bring you ‘The Adaptation Watch’, a weekly newsletter that will send all of the latest news and updates on book to screen adaptations straight to your inbox. Wake up on Saturday morning with everything you could want to know about adaptation news that came out throughout the week. No stress, no hassle, just all of the updates in one place.

Every edition will include news for every step of the adaptation process. That means A LOT of rights being purchased/optioned/won in an auction. But it also means the more exciting news and updates as well like when casting begins for your favorite characters, scripts start getting worked on to actually take get stories ready for the screen, filming actually occurring meaning the project is really happening, and then the most exciting of all- trailers and release dates showing you that it’s truly coming to life.
If you’re tired of missing releases and only finding out after they’re come out, or have a book you’re dreaming about being on screen, make sure to sign up for The Adaptation Watch.
Start your weekend with a fun and easy to read way of staying up to date.
The books you’re most excited for might not have updates all of the time, but you’ll also have new books to add to your TBR and new series & movies to get excited for while you wait.
If there is a specific book you’re looking for updates about make sure to check out the Everything We Know So Far Masterlist that has links to every individual book that Alison in Libraryland has a dedicated post for. These posts get updated as soon as there is any new information about an adaptation project. Perfect to bookmark if there is one project that you simply need to know everything about.
These are the perfect companion to getting The Adaptation Watch in your inbox every Saturday morning! A newsletter will make sure you’re getting the latest news quickly for all of the exciting adaptations in the works. And especially thanks to streaming, there is no shortage of adaptation news to keep track of!

The Top 5 Adaptations Searched For On AiLL In The Last Month

The Silent Patient Adaptation
Beneath a Scarlet Sky adaptation
Red Queen Adaptation
Malibu Rising Adaptation
The Inheritance Games adaptation
Have any questions or think that The Adaptation Watch is missing something, leave a comment or send us an email at We’re happy to hear from you!


The Adaptation Watch weekly newsletter

Hi there! I’m Alison in Libraryland, and I’ll be here for all your book related needs. Many of you know me as the girl with the book recommendations. Don’t be shy! Ask me! If you’re looking for a good book or movie adaptation, let me help you find it. I’ll be here for all your literary needs. This is a book blog run on an obsession for shiny new books, worn-through old classics, and all attempts at moving those stories to the screen. Which is why projects like The Adaptation Watch weekly newsletter exists for everyone excited to see their favorite stories brought to life and don’t have the time to try to keep track of it all themselves.

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