The Idea Of You adaptation

The Idea Of You Adaptation (2024): Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting New Movie

Fans of Robinne Lee’s bestselling novel have reason to celebrate as the highly anticipated The Idea Of You adaptation makes its way to the screen. Prepare to be swept away once again by the compelling tale of love, fame, and forbidden desire that has captivated readers worldwide.
The Idea of You has enthralled readers with its emotional depth, complex characters, and exploration of societal taboos. Now, with the adaptation, fans will have the opportunity to see the story unfold in a whole new way, immersing themselves in the visuals, performances, and nuances that come with the medium of film or television.
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About The Book:

Solène Marchand, the thirty-nine-year-old owner of an art gallery in Los Angeles, is reluctant to take her daughter, Isabelle, to meet her favorite boy band. But since her divorce, she’s more eager than ever to be close to Isabelle. The last thing Solène expects is to make a connection with one of the members of the world-famous August Moon. But Hayes Campbell is clever, winning, confident, and posh, and the attraction is immediate. That he is all of twenty years old further complicates things.
What begins as a series of clandestine trysts quickly evolves into a passionate and genuine relationship. It is a journey that spans continents as Solène and Hayes navigate each other’s worlds: from stadium tours to international art fairs to secluded hideaways in Paris and Miami. For Solène, it is a reclaiming of self, as well as a rediscovery of happiness and love. When Solène and Hayes’ romance becomes a viral sensation, and both she and her daughter become the target of rabid fans and an insatiable media, Solène must face how her romantic life has impacted the lives of those she cares about most. // Amazon // Audiobook

Current Production Status:

Completed and has received an ‘R’ rating, set for May 2nd, 2024 release.

The Idea Of You Adaptation Timeline:

The book was first released in June 2017 with the adaptation rights being picked up by Welle Entertainment the next year in December 2018.
In June 2021 it was revealed that the script had been completed and Anne Hathaway had signed on for the lead role.
Michael Showalter was confirmed as the director in August 2022.
In September Nicholas Galitzine was announced in the other lead and production began. Filming wrapped a few months later in December.
The completed film received an ‘R’ rating in September 2023.
SXSW Film and Television Festival announced that showings of the movie will be closing out the 2024 festival in March, ahead of it’s May release.
The first trailer was released in early March 2024.
On the same day the first single from August Moon, the fictional band in the story, was released. Real social media accounts were also created for the band along with an official Spotify for their music.
The soundtrack became available to preorder on CD and Vinyl.


Who Owns The Rights:

Welle Entertainment (The Woman King) bought the rights and immediately brought on Gabrielle Union/I’ll Have Another Productions.
Amazon Studios later joined the project as both a producing partner and to handle distribution.

Who Is Attached:

Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine are both signed on in the lead roles.

Filming Locations:

Filming for the movie took place in various locations around Atlanta, Georgia.

Estimated Release:

The film has a release date set for May 2nd, 2024.


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Other Adaptations From This Author:

The Idea Of You is currently the only book Robinne Lee has released so there are no other works to be adapted at this time.
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The Idea Of You adaptation

The Idea Of You Adaptation: Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting New Movie

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