The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart adaptation

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Adaptation (2023): Everything We Know So Far

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart adaptation, based on the novel by Holly Ringland, is heading to screens soon. Released in 2018, this beautifully written story took readers on a tumultuous and heartfelt exploration of love, loss, and the healing power of nature.
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About The Book:

After her family suffers a tragedy, nine-year-old Alice Hart is forced to leave her idyllic seaside home. She is taken in by her grandmother, June, a flower farmer who raises Alice on the language of Australian native flowers, a way to say the things that are too hard to speak.
Under the watchful eye of June and the women who run the farm, Alice settles, but grows up increasingly frustrated by how little she knows of her family’s story. In her early twenties, Alice’s life is thrown into upheaval again when she suffers devastating betrayal and loss. Desperate to outrun grief, Alice flees to the dramatically beautiful central Australian desert. In this otherworldly landscape Alice thinks she has found solace, until she meets a charismatic and ultimately dangerous man.
Spanning two decades, set between sugar cane fields by the sea, a native Australian flower farm, and a celestial crater in the central desert, The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart follows Alice’s unforgettable journey, as she learns that the most powerful story she will ever possess is her own. // Amazon // Audiobook

Current Production Status:

The full series has been released.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Adaptation Timeline:

The book was first published in 2018 and went on to win the Australian Book Industry Award (ABIA) for General Fiction.
In May 2021 it was announced the the group of Amazon Studios, Made Up Stories, and Endeavor Content were producing a series adaptation of the novel with Sigourney Weaver set to star.
Filming began in October 2021 in Australia and continued until wrapping at the end of March 2022.
In June 2023 the first teaser trailer was released along with the release date of August 4th. The first full trailer dropped at the beginning on July, one month before release.

Where Can I Watch The Series?

The limited series can currently be found on Prime Video.


The show currently has a 82% tomatometer and 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 7.8/10 on IMDb.

Who Owns The Rights:

Amazon Studios is leading the production with Made Up Stories (Luckiest Girl Alive) and Endeavor Content (Severance) co-producing the adaptation.

Who Is Attached:

Sigourney Weaver and Alycia Debnam-Carey have been cast in the lead roles with Asher Keddie, Leah Purcell, Frankie Adams, and Charlie Vickers all in supporting roles.

Filming Locations:

This series was filmed in Australia including Sydney and other New South Wales locations.

Estimated Release:

The first three episodes of the series are scheduled for release on August 4th, with the rest of the season dropping single episodes weekly until it’s finale September 1st.


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Other Adaptations From This Author:

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart adaptation is the only Holly Ringland work to be brought to life on screen so far.
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The Lost Flowers Of Alice Hart adaptation

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Adaptation (2023): Everything We Know So Far

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