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The Sandman Adaptation (2022): Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting Series

One of the most anticipated projects in development, The Sandman adaptation is not too far away from it’s Netflix release.
Based on the graphic novels/comic books by Neil Gaiman this series has a big cast, and a big budget, to back up it’s big expectations.
After many years and many failed attempts at bringing this story to the screen, we finally have a project that has made it to completion.
The fact that Neil Gaiman has been involved in every step of this production is a great sign for the fans who have been waiting a long time to see these stories and characters on screen.
He wasn’t shy about not being happy with previous attempts.
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About The Book:

There are seven brothers and sisters who have been since the beginning of time, the Endless.
They are Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium who was once Delight, and Destruction who turned his back on his duties. Their names describe their function and the realms that they are in charge of.
Several years ago, a coven of wizards attempted to end death by taking Death captive, but captured Dream instead. When he finally escapes he must face the changes that have gone on in his realm, and the changes in himself.
After his 70 year imprisonment and eventual escape, Dream, also known as Morpheus, goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. On his arduous journey, Morpheus encounters Lucifer, John Constantine, and an all-powerful madman. // Amazon

Current Production Status:

All ten episodes are released as of August 5th, 2022.
Season 2 had to pause filming in July 2023 because of the SAG-AFTRA strike, it was then able to resume in December 2023.

The Sandman Adaptation Timeline:

In 1989 the first issue of The Sandman was released. Seven years later development on a film adaptation began in 1996. The next year the director was fired for creative differences.
In 1998 a second version of the script was finished, which Neil Gaiman has since described as “not only the worst Sandman script I’ve ever seen, but quite easily the worst script I’ve ever read”.
After that The Sandman adaptation went into development hell for over a decade.
In 2010 Warner Bros secured the rights for a tv series but did not move forward. A few years later a film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt was pitched but he left the project in 2016 due to creative difference. The project stalled again.
Finally in June 2019 Netflix signed a deal to produce a The Sandman adaptation. In January 2020 auditions began and at the end of the year, filming began.
Filming lasted 9 months, from October 2020 to July 2021. Once wrapped the project went into post-production.
In June 2022 the release date and final episode count were announced. An appearance at San Diego Comic Con the following month was met with so much excitement and a final trailer.
Neil Gaiman attended and has been heavily involved with press for the series. The series was released on Netflix August 5th.
After a few months, the series was renewed for a second season in November.
Near the end of the year, there were rumors that Warner Bros was unhappy with the current deal between DC and Netflix for the series, but Gaiman reassured fans that season 2 contracts were finalized and would be moving forward.
Season 2 began filming in the UK in June 2023, but had to halt production the next month because of the SAG-AFTRA strike.
In December 2023 filming resumed.

Where Can I Watch The Series?

You can find the full first season currently available to stream on Netflix.


The show currently has a 89% tomatometer and 91% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 8.6/10 on IMDb.

Who Owns The Rights:

Netflix and DC Comics co-produced the series with Netflix having the distribution rights.

Who Is Attached:

Tom Sturridge, Gwendoline Christie, Jenna Coleman, Patton Oswalt, and Boyd Holbrook have all been added to the cast.

Filming Locations:

Filming for the series takes place in London, England.

Estimated Release:

Season 1 was released on August 5th, 2022.
Season 2 is expected in 2024 but could be delayed due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

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the sandman adaptation

The Sandman Adaptation: Everything We Know So Far

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