The Spiderwick Chronicles adaptation

The Spiderwick Chronicles Adaptation (2024): Everything We Know So Far About The Exciting New Series

While there has already been a feature film The Spiderwick Chronicles adaptation, trying to cover five novels in one movie left a lot of fans unhappy. Based on the series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, the streaming world is the perfect way to create a series that really dives in and hopefully takes the Spiderwick world to screen in a way that lives up to the beloved series.
Fairies have had a bit of a renaissance thanks to the internet book worlds, and Bookstagram, BookTok, and Booktube are all clamoring for those stories to get the adaptations they deserve. And to see more fairies on screen.
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About The Book:

Of the three Grace children, Jared has always been thought of as the troublemaker. So when strange things happen after his family’s move to a relative’s dilapidated estate, sister Mallory (Sarah Bolger), twin brother Simon and their mother assume that Jared is behind it all. But after finding a mysterious, handmade field guide penned by Arthur Spiderwick in the attic of the ramshackle old mansion they’ve just moved into, the siblings discover that there’s a magical and maybe dangerous world existing parallel to our own—the world of faerie.
The Grace children want to share their story, but the faeries will do everything possible to stop them… // Amazon

Current Production Status:

Released as of April 2024.

The Spiderwick Chronicles Adaptation Timeline:

The book was first released in early 2003 with the rest of the series quickly following and having all five books published by late 2004. Nickelodeon Movies produced a film adaptation that was released in 2008, accompanied by a video game.
In November 2021 Disney+ announced that they were developing a series adaptation. Pre-production began a few months later in February 2022. Kat Coiro was announced as the director for the first two episodes in May with production expected to start later in the year.
In late August 2022 it was announced that Lyon Daniels & Noah Cottrell had been cast as the two young leads, and that Christian Slater had signed on as a major lead. Filming began in September in Vancouver, British Columbia and wrapped in early February 2023.
Jack Dylan Grazer was added to the cast in December.
In August 2023 it was cancelled by Disney+ despite being completed. Paramount Television announced that they would be looking for a new buyer for the limited series.
Roku picked up the completed series in October and announced an expected early 2024 release.
In February the first trailer was released along with an announcement that the series would be released on April 19th on The Roku Channel.

Where Can I Watch The Series?

The full series is available to watch on The Roku Channel.


The show currently has a 38% tomatometer and % audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. 6.0/10 on IMDb.

Who Owns The Rights:

Disney+, 20th Television, and Paramount Television Studios are the production companies for the series.

Who Is Attached:

Kathleen Shugrue is leading the adaptation. Kat Coiro is executive producing and will be directing the first two episodes of the series.
Lyon Daniels, Noah Cottrell, and Christian Slater are the first leads cast.

Filming Locations:

The series is scheduled to film in various locations around Vancouver, British Columbia.

Estimated Release:

The series is set for release on April 19th, 2024.


Previous mentions on AiLL:

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Other Adaptations From This Author:

The 2008 The Spiderwick Chronicles Adaptation is the only work adapted so far for either author.
Holly Black has had the rights optioned for the ‘Curse Workers’ and ‘The Folk of the Air’ series but no development has happened on either of those projects.
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The Spiderwick Chronicles adaptation

The Spiderwick Chronicles Adaptation (2023): Everything We Know So Far About The New Disney+ Series

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